I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.
Albert Einstien

I have much interest in research. Since second year in university, I have entered several labs and have done quite a few projects and research work.

My undergraduate research interest includes image processing,  computer aided diagnosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complex network, electronics, data mining.

Now I am working on developing artificial intelligent tools to assist medical analysis.


Main research experience

2013.9 ~ 2014.12 Research in  Fudan Physics Teaching Lab with Professor and Lab director Yongkang Le, mainly about application of remote control lab applications, chip based electronic devices.

2013.10 ~ 2016.6 Research with Accosiate professor Huiliang Shang on projects about image processing, medical topics on Traditional Chinese medicine, robotic control, visible light positioning, circuit theory.

2013.10 ~ 2014.11 Guided by professor Bin Wang  through The FDUROP project about image processing , an undergraduate research funding project on image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition.

2014.3~2015.1 Research on immunization strategy with Professor Xiang Li, in Adaptive Networks and Control Lab.

2015.8 ~  2016.6 Research with Professor Yuanyuan Wang and Yi Guo, doing my capstone project about medical image registration, a research using network structure and circuit simulation methods to perform image registration.

2016.6-2016.7 Research in Center for Biomedical Imaging Research, Tsinghua University with Huijun Chen. Quantitative analysis of intracranial arteries through aging.

2016.9 ~  now Co-adviced by Professor Chun Yuan and Jenq-Neng Hwang in the PhD program. 

Click subtopic links above to see articles about the progress and outcome of my research. 

Email me if you have interest in detailed information about the paper.

Updated on Aug. 2017

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