I enjoy exploring the world. From mountains to seas, from cultures to customs, I am eager to see the diverse and colorful world. There are always new things to discover and new people to talk to. Travel provides me with opportunity to go into nature and feel different lifes. 

I am summarizing memorable photos during trips on maps or listing in chronological order by years. Please click the following sections to view these photos. I am not an expert in photography. Most of the photos are by phone, and some are taken by my expert friends. 

Travel photo

Travel map 

The world is so big, but life is so short. I am cherishing every moment in the trip. For most of places, high likely I won't be able to come back again in the rest of my life. 

I also cherish the companions in the trip. A right choice of travel mates make the trip more enjoyable. 

Preparing trips is time consuming. Some key travel notes are recorded in Travel log in case someone else has the same travel plan. Hope they are still useful.

As a handful of outdoor activities I can do when snow covers the wilderness, skiing is a big part of travel in winter. I usually have several ski trips in winter. The resorts and trails are recorded in Ski map.

Travel is best if that is "free" or cheap. For budeget sensitive travelers like me, I am always finding best use of cash + points for travel. Some successful stories are documented in Redemption for reference. 

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