Web Update

2015.3 Project H-web started

2015.4 Digital Ocean server configured

2015.4.15 Module Todo added

2015.4.17 Module Wordlist added

2015.4.20 Module Calendar added

2015.4.25 Module Sensor added

2015.5.20 Update system to 1.6.0

2015.5.22 Fix mail bug

2015.6.8 Module Profile added

2015.6.15 New version of Module Sensor

2015.6.17 Fix postdate bug

2015.6.17 Merge api to Module Sensor (Android interface modified)

2015.6.18 New domain bought: clatfd.cn

2015.6.18 Fix slow loading problem on Resarch Ability Map

2015.6.20 Email domain: @clatfd.cn

2015.6.22 Android Sensor Post. Add other two sensor to Module Sensor

2015.6.29 Module Mailer added. Mail sender change to mailer@clatfd.cn

2015.7.7 Add Module Sim (/sim) auto reply robot

2015.7.17 Module Profile visit control

2015.7.23 Module Profile VIP Record and List

2015.7.24 Add Tencent QQ login (Third party login)

2015.8.6 Repair QQ login

2015.8.14 Add viprecord ip search

2015.8.18 Combined version of Sensor data

2015.8.19 Dota2 friends' online status api http://clatfd.cn/api/dota.html

2015.8.20 Ip login without typing verification code

2015.8.22 Tag Cloud

2015.8.29 Add physical record number in Profile

2015.8.30 Module H-wordlist (public) http://clatfd.cn/wd

2015.9.3 Module Sensor updated with Mi band data

2015.9.12 Module H-wordlist add exam view

2015.9.13 Module Calendar added

2015.9.16 Calendar repeat events added

2015.9.17 Mi band data daily update by Android app

2015.9.18 Add sleep record data in Profile

2015.10.13 Update Calendar: add holiday color and sensor info

2015.11.26 Module Link added

2015.11.26 Set subdomain s.clatfd.cn, wd.clatfd.cn

2015.11.26 Module Profile add Remark controller

2015.12.3 Api for weather and air pollution, added in admin main

2015.12.7 Short path nginx rewrite /a/(\d+), /l/(\d+), /p/(\d+)

2015.12.29 Module Wordlist add remark model

2016.1.4 Module Travel added. Travel photo. http://s.clatfd.cn/p2015

2016.1.5 Module Profile add year controller. http://s.clatfd.cn/y2015

2016.2.19 Module Calendar add Google calendar sync

2016.2.27 Module Calendar add time zone converter

2016.2.28 Module Travel auto resize img when inserting

2016.4.9 Module Comment add email notification when being replied

2016.5.19 Fix bug. Del empty step/sleep value when averaging weekly step/sleep

2016.5.19 Module sensor change y axis max number according to data in bar chart.

2016.6.2 Add reCAPTCHA for admin login

2016.6.6 Add more extention permit

2016.9.17 Add sp_timezone, fix bug in sensor and profile when timezone changes

2016.9.21 Fix timezone bug in calendar. Add lab login and out to Calendar

2016.9.25 add SensorDefinition to manage sensor property

2016.10.4 add LabWeekStat

2016.12.25 add page_table.html

2016.12.25 Update ueditor to, fix js load failed problem

2017.12.26 Module Travel add Flight, Rental Car, Module Proflie add papers

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