Click and Flip, that is the basic idea of all the project (series)

In order to recite English vocabulary, that is my method. For a time when I use book to recite, it is much easier for me to link the chinese meaning with the word location in the book, still not able to link english word with chinese meaning. In addition, the words are hard to manage, I still do not know which words I have recited and which ones I need to pay special attention.

To solve that situation, a series of software have been developed in recent years and have formed a linked series.

  1. database

    One specific table for one specific wordlist

      The wordlist is found online, different levels of wordlists are all available, with english, chinese meaning and phonemic notation.

    Common tables

      Besides that wordlist table, imp is used to record important words in, which can be operated when reciting. Similarly, i_mfl is for meaningful words, i_ivt for words that are inveterately hard to memorize. 

      hist is used to record operations like up/down group, update information of words, add/delete words

      reciterecord is for words uploaded to web server, which can be used as api in other devices.

      queryrecord records query information, like group,list, id, for investigation on the frequency of querying certain wordlist

    Basic form of database

      mysql deployed on web server records the newest data, local mysql server routinely download and update databse.

    Extended form

     (1) js array form for the use of windows app version and offline version

     (2) api interface used to give data to android version and admin console notification.

  2. various version

    (1) Main and complete version:  PC website version (for public use)

       The first and most complicated version. Based on php, html, js, css. Use bootstrap as basic framework and mixitup as main function unit. Various php files to operate different operations like up.down, update, search history, undo operation. curl with dict.cn to get online detailed information like pronunciation, example sentenses. Manual console is available to modify words without login to databased deployed on website.

    responsive layout. Adapt automatically when browsing in smaller screen(2 or 3 columns when smaller width detected)

    Now the web platform open to website users.Link: wd.clatfd.cn

    Login required.

    (2) Mobile online version(currently for private use only)

    specially designed for small screen mobile phone.Perfectly adapted to Mi 2. page files stored on web, get wordlist from server database then stored as js array.Up/down using the same php file as the PC version.


    (3) Mobile offline version(currently for private use only)

    All of the database is stored as js array before use. Need update from server using Output button on PC version index page. Cannot change group


    (4) Windows app store version(for public use, stop maintainence, consider web platform instead)

    detailed introduction: http://clatfd.cn/thinkcmfx/index.php?g=&m=article&a=index&id=42

    Windows app 屏幕截图 1

    (5) Android version (beta)(currently for private use only)

    First started from Project "sensor proxy", adding wordlist api when api is set up. 

    detailed info: http://clatfd.cn/thinkcmfx/index.php?g=portal&m=article&a=index&id=63


    (6) Admin console notification

    use api interface to get three words when login into the admin system.


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