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Wordlist series is a bunch of simple but useful windows applications for Chinese students to recite english vocabulary. 

It is written when I just begin to learn html and javascript at the end of 2012. At that time, Windows just lanched windows 8 and windows app store, students are able to get free licence for publishing their own apps through dreamspark platform. Out of curiosity, I write this simple app. Out of expectation, it becomes quite popular, even reaches top 5, 7, 9, 10 in top free education apps. 

Though the code is not perfect from my perspective now, but from the response of my app users, some of whom even wrote emails to thank me, these apps really help some of them. It is also the first time I experience the whole process of publishing a product, which is not just debug and fix a program. As a developer, we should consider more about what comsumers want, package and emphasize what is special about your product. So these apps become a milestone when I first get touch with web development.


Free forever to download with no advertisement in Windows app store.

List of apps

wordlist for cet6(大学英语六级)

wordlist for cet4(大学英语四级)

wordlist for TOEFL

wordlist for IELTS

wordlist for GRE

wordlist for Chinese graduate school entrance exam(考研)

wordlist for Chinese college entrance exam(高考)

wordlist for Chinese high school entrance exam(中考)

Some captures from app. More pictures available on pages above.


中考词汇 屏幕截图 1


Downloads till 15th April 2015 has reached 64498 for all the applications published on Windows app store.


Total downloads


Downloads chart in recent 12 months

Technical detail

Based on html and javascript. Use local storage to store page info (background color and noted words). Wordlist stored in javascript array.

IDE: Visual studio 2013

First issued on 5th Feb, 2013. 

Any suggestion or advice, leave your comment below or mail to

Source code is available if you need.

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