A toy car used for 'support teaching program' in Yunnan

In 2014.7, our support teaching team will go to Menglian district, Yunnan province, one of the poorest areas in China and near the border of Myanmar where drug is prevalent. Our team members maily come from our major and will give different lessons on various subjects. Guanghui and I are responsible for handcraft lessons.


When we are talking about what to teach, we searched half of Taobao.com, biggest online retailer web in China. Considering the kids are only grade 3 to 5 in elementary school, we lowered our aim and abandoned the idea of making electrical cars which is more suitabe for our major and status of EE students. A rudimentary version is making a car powered by gravity..


Only several wood sticks and wheels are able to make a car in less than 30 minutes, which is short enough for kids to maintain interest. Glues are a little dangerous, too powerful glue is easy for wood to stick together but may stick fingers if not carefully used, while safer glue needs a long time to stick together which is not applicable because kids do not have patience.

After careful camparison, we finally chose a moderate one(second from left).


Children are fancy of colors with no reason, which reminds us to bring some paints with us.


Ready to go!

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