Beef cut

From head to tail


American cutsSteakmuscle or bonecookingtendernessflavorexpensesother
ChuckBoneless clod steakshoulderTough fiber, used for stewing, slow   cooking, braising, or pot roastingleast expensive
Bone-in chuck steakshoulder including parts of the   shoulder bones

Flat Iron Steak

second only to   filet mignonRichly flavored and juicyBudget-friendly
Chuck Eye5th rib
6.5/10Reasonably flavorfulpoor man’s rib   eye
RibShort ribslower rib bone

Prime ribupper rib bone

Rib eye steakribs 6-12, longissimus dorsi, complexus and   spinalis musclessteaktenderextremely flavorful with high fat contentExpensive
from the breast or lower chestBarbecue, corned beef or pastramitough with collagen fibers
ShankStews and soupsleg

Platepot roastingupper belly 
tough and fatty meat
Skirt steak crura, or legs, of the diaphragmfajitas, should only be cooked rare to medium-rare to avoid getting a   chewy textureToughprized for its   flavor, stronger beefy flavor than flank steakBudget-friendly
Hanger steak
tenderprized for its flavorbutcher’s   choice
short loin T-bone steak   abdominal internal oblique   muscle 腹內斜肌steak  tenderVery flavorful moderate fat marblingMost expensivetenderloin of at least 0.5 inches wide
porterhouse steaksteaktender
Most expensivetenderloin of at least 1.25 inches    wide
strip steaklongissimussteaktenderVery juicy and   flavorful with strong beefy tasteExpensive
sirlointop sirloingluteus medius 臀中肌 and biceps femoris 股二頭肌steakless tendermore flavorful most prized of sirloin, above average 
bottom sirloin   (tri-tip)tensor fasciae   latae 阔筋膜张肌steakless tenderrelatively rich beef flavors, leaner than top   sirloinBudget-friendly
bottom sirloin   (flap steak)abdominal internal oblique muscle 腹內斜肌steak
beefy flavor coming from its higher fat   content.low-end beef   steak
tenderloinPsoas   major muscle 腰大肌steakthe most tendermild flavorMost expensive
round round steakrear leg of the cowsteakmoderately toughlower fat, very flavorfulBudget-friendly
eye of round

top round

bottom round 

flank flank steak
steaksubstantially toughermost affordable steaks
rest of flank abdominal musclesgrinding

DonenessRemove from HeatFinal Internal Temp
Rare (cool red   center)120°F (49°C)125°F (52°C)
Medium-rare (warm   red center)130°F (54°C)135°F (57°C)
Medium (warm pink   center)140°F (60°C)145°F (63°C)
Medium-well (pale   pink center)145°F (63°C)150°F (66°C)
Well Done (little   pink)155°F (68°C)160°F (71°C)

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