Shuping Scholarship Online Application system

Shuping Scholarship is a well-known scholarship for excellent students in Shanghai since 1939. I have won this scholarship for a consecutive of five years. 

Last year, during the annual scholarship meeting, the scholarship committe leader proposed the idea of replacing the original paper based application with online application. I have such web design ability, so I joined the team with other five scholarship students. They are responsible for the system function arrangement, layout design and communication with committe, while I am in charge of web coding. At that time, I was the technical director of Fudan Students Union, when I was quite familiar with web design. The scholarship owners are a large family with different ages, so it is a great opportunity for me to know some of friends. Our team is made up of top students, some of them have already worked for several years. With the powerful leader, we are efficient in working together, finishing the task in time.

My part is the final realization of the system, which requires a lot of coding work, complicated functions needs a lot of files and I should make sure they are not conflicted with each other. During the coding period, I usually discuss the function with team members to give better ideas based on the original design and patiently gave lectures to applicants.

The system went well during University student application last year. This year the application system has recently been updated and applicable to all Shuping students. Hope that kind of modernization and informationalization system can really help the scholarship committe. I can clearly remembered when I first applied this scholarship, we need to fill form on a paper and the committe officer need to rewrite the application form to a investigation form for further discussion and decision, which wastes time and energy for both sides. This system is an ideal example that Technology can change the traditional way of thinking and benefit people.

This year, in ofiicial publication of scholarship, our team's work is highly praised  And I was especially mentioned for the contribution of the system in last year's work report of the scholarship committe during the annual sholarship meeting.

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