I have to say, Malacca is one of the most exquisite city I have ever met.

Departing at Apr.3, 2015, we (9 people who exchange at NUS) took an cross-country bus from Singapore. It happened to be on weekends, so many cars are jammed on the highway, taking us more than 5 hours to get there. But the three-day journey worths our patience.

Malacca is famous for its channel, with thousands of cargo ships and passenger liners crossing through, its geological position is highly essential. But a little to our surprise, the whole town is not a prosperous port like Singapore or Kuala Lumper. As we have seen enough large cities, wandering in this town with unique characters is still a wonderful experience. The city is relatively small in size, so three days is enough, and we are not in a hurry, unlike last time when we are in Thailand.

Due to its centuries long colonial history, the influence from Portuguese, Dutch and British colonialists and its near neighbours is so profound that Malacca culture is certain to be muti-perspective and unique, many of these marks still left in this city. Within severals blocks, we can find both a mosque and a church, western style bars located opposite to Chinese style guild halls, human powered rickshaw decorated with Mickey mouses playing the Chinese pop songs. When the darkness appears quietly, peddlers gather on Jonker Street(a popular night street), selling various food and products. No matter Nonya Kuih(娘惹糕 a kind of local cake) or French Fries, delicious food is the common language in the world, stimulating tourists as well as local citizens all year round. 

Saint Peter's church is located high on the hill in the center of the city, seeing the rise and fall of the city. On one side of the hill, various old-styled streets and houses telling their capricious fates in history; on the other side, newly-built shopping malls and restaurants showing their vibrating spirits in modern days. When we sat together by the seaside, watching the sun slowly fall down the horizon, with the remaining brightness of the sun weakening and fading, we felt such a moment extremely peaceful and restful, a moment of silence we have not experienced for a long time.

The trip is short and memorable. Hope the multi-cultured city remain its charm and beaty in the modernization current, hope we retain the peace and rest in ourselves in the wave of materialization fashion.


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cj:good travel notes!
09月23日 08:39

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