Intelligent changing light bulb robot arm

It is very fortunate that I entered senior high school with the admission to 科创班(Science and innovation cultivation class), a testing program initiated in four senior high schools this year hosted by Shanghia Jiaotong University(SJTU). 

Forty students in this class have much more chances to expose to science. In the first year, we have half a day per week listening to a lecture conducted by well-known professor in SJTU in various topics(Molecule Chemistry, balmy botany, uav engineering, library science, architecture, etc).Various topics are fanscinating and intrigues our interest in science and technology.

In the second year, we chose a field with our greatest interest and formed various groups to do research in SJTU campus. My choice is robotics and the project is to design and implement a robot arm which can change light bulbs.

It is very dangerous for human to climb high to replace light bulbs when they are broken, so our robot arm aims to avoid that situation. But our prject is only a model, just proving the validity of the solution.

Here is our design draft.


Before we make real model, we should know the exact strength which is needed to retate the bulb. Using phisics lab in our school, we done several experiments.

Results are listed in table.


We build the real model using Fisher components(something like Lego), which provides various componets of every size and shape, so combining such modules are possible for us senior school students.The electronic parts and programming environment is also easy to use, so after several months of hard work, we finished the model.




The switches are also included in Fisher, so we combined several ones of them and made a simple controller.



After the project, we took part in Intel Innovation Contest using this robot arm and won a third grade prize!

Thanks to 吕恬生Lv Tiansheng, the professor who guided us, as well as other teachers who have gave us support and help.

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