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It has been years since we left senior high school. My former classmates are in university all around the world. How are you now?

As I found the a nice and free website for developers, I set up a website for my senior high school class.

The website is mainly for our communication after graduation. Users can update their personal information, upload their recent photos, finding notice and activities, writing articles about their recent life, and voting for popular person of the year, etc..

Website maily depends on dokuwiki system, in which anyone can edit and add pages like wikipedia.Besides that, website consists of several main modules:

/sora_upload/ users can upload files and pictures

/sora_vote/ users can vote for popular classmate of the year 

/sora_situation/ users can write and share their recent situation and unique perspective

/sora_article/ displays articles written by classmates in a book frame

/sora_auth/ authenticate users when getting sensitive information like mobile phone numbers and emails of classmates.

Still updating... welcome to visit:


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