How to maximize daily cashback

For simplicity, I just recommend a combination of cards. 

Update Aug 2021:

Option 1: Chase CSR for point transfer/primary rental car insurance/pps + Freedom Flex for travel/dining/drug store(VGC)/rotation category(VGC)

Option 2: AMEX Platinum (one flavor per year) for travel/pps + AMEX GOLD for grocery(VGC,GC)/dining

Non category spending should go with VGC, last option should go with Citi Double Cash

For all the categories: consider gift card with >8% cashback

Restaurant: Freedom*>Prestige>Amex Gold>Discover*>Freedom Flex/CSR/CSP>Hyatt

Grocery: Freedom*>EDP>Amex Gold>Discover*

Gas: Freedom*>Discover*>EDP(3)>Premier(3)

Airline tickets: Amex Plat(5)>Prestige(5)>CSR(3)>Amex Gold(3)>Premier(3)

Hotel: co-brand cards>CSR(3)>Prestige/Premier(3)

Other travel: CSR(3)>Premier(3)

Last choices: Citi Double Cash(2)>Freedom unlimited (1.5)>2% cashback cards

Do no use: 1x mile or 1% cashback cards

Baseline for non-category: Visa Gift Card (4MR-1.1%=5.3%)

* only when that is the rotation category

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