Kuala Lumpur

We are traveling to Sri lanka. Instead of departing from Singapore, from kuala lumpur, the base harbor of Airasia, we can enjoy a very appealing price, at only a thousand yuan for a return journey between kuala lumpur and colombo, capital of Sri Lanka.

Just before we leave Singapore, we have been noticed that most taxi drivers in kuala lumpur is not honest, touting, cheating, etc. So when I saw the advertisement on express train to downtown that using a coupon to avoid being overcharged, I think the situation is just as I expected.

We lived at Pacific Reagency near kuala lumpur tower, a five star suite hotel, at the price of about 250RM(RM=1.76RMB that day). The hotel is in the core area of kuala lumpur, not far from big shopping malls and the famous KL twin tower. After we have checked in, we went for a shopping mall nearby, but unexpectedly, a heavy rain trapped us from going any farther, and we waited until rain stopped. The rain disrupted city traffic, as more and more cars jammed on road and traffic lights seem to be no more than decorations, which just reminds me that the real devolopment of a city can be only revealed after rain. Rain water left on roads splashes on pedestrian as cars passes, every step must be cautiously enough.

As we are tired after rambling in shopping mall, we wanted to go back by taxi. Taxis near the entrance of the mall have already formed a queue, sitting lazily or chatting with each other for customers. We asked the price, a driver offered 30RM, such a high price for a trip about only a kilometer. 

Taxi drivers are the namecard of a city, usually a tourist starts the journey from taking a taxi to the hotel. An unpleasant first ride will leave a negative impression on anyone who is waiting to explore a new city. I even find the practice of coupon a sarcasm to the taxi industry in kuala lumpur. The coupon is sold at large traffic transit, a fixed amount of money paid in advance calculated by distance so that you can take taxi using coupon without paying extra amount of money. Government is paying extra attention to regulate the behavior of taxi industry, which benefits travellers, but is still a shame.

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