iCafe family relation chart


iCafe: intraCranial artery feature extraction

Basic iCafe

pCafe: Peripheral artery feature extraction using iCafe

almost the same as iCafe except the anatomical labeling

iCafe+: iCafe + Vessel wall segmentation for vessel wall features

iCafe+ vessel wall segmentation

iCafe++: iCafe+ + plaque component analysis for plaque features

iCafe+ vessel wall segmentation + plaque component segmentation

AICafe: AI + iCafe for automated vascular map generation

Modules to reduce human interventions in creating vascular map with AI techniques

iCafe-python: python interface for iCafe

interface of python to use iCafe results for faster development of new algorithms

iCafe-PRAM: iCafe prediction from artery map

prediction of metrics (risk factors, length, age, etc.) from artery segmentation map (s.tif, or b.tif)

FRAPPE: Fully-automated robust analysis for popliteal artery evaluation

artery localization + vessel wall segmentation applied on popliteal arteries. Developed for OAI data analysis. Centerline is available after artery localization and tracklet refinements.

LATTE: Lesion Assessment Through Tracklet Evaluation

artery localization + vessel wall segmentation + plaque classification on carotid arteries.

MOCHA: Multiplex view for artery characterization

MPR view for registered multi-contrast or multi-timepoint scans

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