Reorder DICOM data according to slice position

DICOM image slices are not in correct slice location order and their file names are not consistent, which is unable for tracing system to read.

Use Matlab to reorder and rename image files in each folder.

maindir = 'E:\C-Tsinghua\dataF';
subdir  = dir( maindir );
for i = 1 : length( subdir )
    if( isequal( subdir( i ).name, '.' )||...
        isequal( subdir( i ).name, '..')||...
        ~subdir( i ).isdir)               
    subdirpath= fullfile( maindir, subdir( i ).name);
    Filesindir= dir(fullfile( maindir, subdir( i ).name,'*.dcm' ));
    for j=1:n
        loc(j,:)=[j metadata.SliceLocation];

    for j=1:n

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