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Memorable Photos in 2016

  • Chongqing Hotpot

    Captured on 2016-01-09 17:48:56

    GPS location: 29.507675, 106.529239

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:4.00

    Description: A pot full of spicy oil. Food need to be boiled in this pot and eat with another kind of fragment oil. Em.. As a non-spicy eating Shanghainese, finally, I survived with tear sheding through meal. But more surprising news is, I was told the oil in pot is re-used each time for the maintenance of original flavor. I almost vomited.

  • Five color lake, Jiuzhaigou

    Captured on 2016-01-12 13:55:44

    GPS location: 33.048511, 103.930824

    Altitude: 2,878.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:6.00

    Description: A fantastic natural lake with colorful water surrounded by pure air and breath-holding scenery. A must-go place in China.

  • Brilliant Jinding, Emei Mountain, Sichuan

    Captured on 2016-01-15 10:13:47

    GPS location: 29.5248287, 103.3336725

    Altitude: 2,926.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:13.00

    Description: This was the most memorable traveling experience ever. After more than 38000 steps, and hiking for more than 15 hours in snow covered path. We finally climbed to the top of Emei Mountain. The brilliant sun rise was the greatest reward.

  • 12EE at Yunvfeng, Huaguo Mountain, Lianyungang, Jiangsu

    Captured on 2016-03-26 13:45:00

    GPS location: 34.6530634, 119.293867

    Camera: Canon Canon EOS 6D Focal:35.00 ISO:200 Shutter:5.38

    Description: Exciting graduating trip to a dull place. What matters more is always who you travel with. Hard to say goodbye to all classmates who spent three or more years with.

  • lush garden in Nijō Castle, Kyoto, Japan

    Captured on 2016-04-30 20:52:17

    GPS location: 35.0138734, 135.7479244

    Description: Can you imagine the results of image after being beautified by some mobile app? So do not believe in photo any more. Haha. But that trip to Japan is really enjoyable.

  • Sunset view from Taipei 101 World Trade Center

    Captured on 2016-08-08 18:28:41

    GPS location: 25.033581, 121.564613

    Altitude: 443.3m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:7.00

    Description: Used as new cover image for my website. I think the caption I used ideally reflects this scene -- To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages, and to establish peace for all future generations

  • Farewell, Fudan

    Captured on 2016-09-08 13:22:00

    GPS location: 31.292695, 121.504500

    Altitude: 48.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MI 5 Focal:4.26 ISO:100 Shutter:9.23

    Description: It is hard to say goodbye to this wonderful place where I had joy and sorrow in the past four years. I found everyday is different in first month I came here, but it is really fast after that. This is the third time I came to Fudan after graduation, definitely last time this year maybe next. The same place, and the same old friends, only I have changed, getting ready to depart for a completely new journey.

  • Drumheller Fountain and EE building, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

    Captured on 2016-09-13 18:49:00

    GPS location: 47.653749, -122.308292

    Altitude: 19.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MI 5 Focal:4.26 ISO:100 Shutter:8.17

    Description: Who knows what will happen in this building in the coming five or more years? Perhaps these ducks know.

  • Gum Wall, Seattle, WA

    Captured on 2016-09-23 14:40:00

    GPS location: 47.608420, -122.340446

    Altitude: 44.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MI 5 Focal:4.26 ISO:240 Shutter:5.91

    Description: A million pieces of chewed gum, along with the germs from a million mouths. Do not eat too full when you pay a visit

  • Monthly Review

    Year 2016 is plentiful and meaningful.

    After the tiring finals and exhausted graduate application. January is an anxious month waiting for results. To release the painful anxiety, I had invited several good friends for a trip to South-western China -- Chongqing, Jiuzhai and Chengdu, which are on my travel list for a long time. This nine-day trip is exciting. At the beginning of the trip, I was excited to be admitted to EE Master program from University of Pennsylvania. At least, I had school to attend. With that in mind, I could fully enjoy this wonderful journey. I attempted at Chongqing hotpot, hiked Emei Mountain, and learned to play Sichuan Majiang (like a card game). After this tiring trip, I was thrilled to receive an offer letter from University of Washington for Ph.D.

    Even with two offers in hand, I was still worried about the rest of 20 programs I applied for in February. Sometimes I will check email for dozens of times in a single day. Sometimes I was playing Plants VS Zombies to kill that period of nervous time. Spring festival was another distraction. To my surprise, I was arranged a Skype interview on the eve of Spring festival.

    March meant the final semester in Fudan began. It was great to play with my classmates who were all at the most relaxing states since college. Unfortunately, due to the exchange last year, I had to make up for three classes in the last semester, which was a great disappointment especially when we planned for graduating trip. But fortunately, our professors were quite reasonable to us exchange students. To the students who planned to go abroad for graduate study, the greetings were always 'Any new offers?'

    Till the beginning of April, I had three Ph.D. offers, and still kept in touch with a few potential advisors. Choosing which school to attend was even more excruciating than choosing which journal to submit paper, as the decision made by now will have a long-time impact on my future career. Rank of university and major, strength of advisor, research interest... these are all aspects to consider. Finally, on April 7th, I made up my mind to accept the offer from UW. It was such a relief that I could finally have a good sleep (in some way, Mi Band was quite accurate in assessing sleep quality). The trip to Japan was a great gift after the exhausted half year of graduate application. I was deeply impressed by the hot spring and delicious food there and that birthday in Japan was the most relaxing one for years.

    When we returned with luggage of products from Japan in May, it suddenly occurred to me that the deadline for capstone research was approaching. Coincidentally, my topic was the combination of the research products from three labs I had experience in the past few years. However, to combine these novel ideas to a decent report was another challenging task. Again deadline means productivity. I could never imagine I could still have such efficiency just after the most relaxing state of life. The 61-page report was a great archive for my research in Fudan.

    June meant farewell. But to exchange students, it also means finals. Thinking of the memorable semester in Singapore, I never regretted my choice. Of course, the mood was quite different when being invited to take graduating photos when you have an ill-prepared exam tomorrow. And the mood was also different when you could not see the future of relation between you and the one you loved. That kind of mood was terrible, so before I had time carefully tasted the sourness and bitterness, I went to Tsinghua the week after graduation to start a new life.

    To avoid being drown in sentimentality, hardworking was a solution. As a research intern in Center for Biomedical Imaging Research in July, I started my project on quantitatively analyzing intracranial vessels. It was a pleasure to work with so many most intelligent students around the country. To me, it also fulfilled my previous dream for Tsinghua. When I was walking around the campus, I was wondering what would happen if I rejected the pre-admitted offer from Fudan and attended Tsinghua four years ago. Maybe a better platform, maybe a different major, maybe I would become a person I was hard to believe now. Life was full of vicissitudes and possibilities.

    August was a month for family. It had been a long time since our last family excursion. We went to Taiwan where the food was more famous than attractions, so the definite result was we were full all day long. It was such a precious and memorable time with parents.

    On Sep. 12th, I started my new life in United States. Despite of the troublesome jet lag, with quite different atmosphere and environment, I felt again life was so full of freshness that could be remembered in days. I was so amazed when supermarket cashiers greeted me as if we were already friends. And I was deeply touched by the bus drivers saying 'Welcome aboard' to each passenger which was never heard after we played career acting games in kindergarten.

    In October the Fall quarter began. With two courses and two seminars, as well as two labs to commute and two or more lab meetings to attend, time went fast when you were busy. In addition, curiosity kept me exploring this beautiful city, riding a bike or taking a public transportation to visit interesting places. Viewing the rare but truly blue sky on a sunny day was a luxury.

    It was fast when mid-term came in November. Busy lab work squeezed the amount of time used in course work, which was the case for undergraduate again. But luckily, the result was not so bad. After several months, I became sick of local food. It was a great pity so few Chinese restaurants opened in US. Based on the long queue in Din Tai Feng, I think even an ordinary Chinese snack stall could make a fortune.

    The beginning of December was in a mess. One challenging final, one course project, one lab presentation to prepare, one paper to submit, two papers to review, and dozens of data to process. It was a miracle to have finished so many tasks in a short time, but soon I realized I had lost balance between work and health.

    Year Remark

    Year 2016 was a transitional year. From undergraduate to graduate, from China to US, from nervous to relaxing to stressful.

    First of all, there were so many Firsts: eating pig brain, enjoying hot spring, climbing snowy mountain, paper being cited...

    I travelled maybe the most frequently this year, once in each of the first eight months. It was delightful to find a few more stamps on my passport. It was also exciting to find there were always some classmates living in the cities I travelled to. And I was quite satisfied to find my great physical condition through some of the most arduous journeys. It was a blessing to be young.

    The relaxing half year also allowed me to have time re-practicing saxophone. The warm pool in IMA allowed me to re-practicing swimming all year around. I found these were good cooling medicine for a heating brain after laborious work.

    I have kept finding a better way for time management and high efficiency while keeping balance between labour and pleasure, work and health, course and lab. I think it was not easy to find an ideal pattern. But I found I became better at switching between different states.

    Everyday practicing of cooking enabled me to have much better cooking skills. The novelty in choosing ingredients for a dish was beyond my imagination, although not always successful.

    However, it was quite depressing to find all other people laughing in a cinema when I got difficulty understanding what was funny.

    It was also depressing when I found I had not finished reading the same book I started reading last year. Maybe it is no longer an era for book reading, but I think the mental quietness during reading is precious and non-replaceable.

    New Year Wishes

    Keep balance between work and health

    Improve listening

    Read a book

    Travel in US