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Memorable Photos in 2015

  • Cook food and have dinner

    Captured on 2015-02-19 20:17:20

    GPS location: 1.319747, 103.774296

    Camera: Apple iPhone 6 Focal:2.65 ISO:640 Shutter:3.91

    Description: Some of exchange students lived outside campus. One night, we went their apartment and had dinner together. Cooking ourselves was a challenge for us, for the lack of experience and equipment. Using plastic bowls, and cooked in the same pan. However, generally speaking, the meal is OK. By the way, beer was quite expensive in Singapore.

  • Boating on Mae Klong River

    Captured on 2015-02-22 18:44:41

    GPS location: 13.423001, 99.960138

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:383

    Description: After shopping and eating for a whole afternoon in Amphawa Floating Market, we took a boat to find fireflies. Singing on the boat, viewing the beautiful sunset, enjoying the valuable peace, I had not felt so relaxed since college. I became a workaholic in the tiring 2014. However, exchange semester gave me a chance to re-orient balance between work and life.This photo was the moment I got released from the stress.

  • Patong Beach Posing

    Captured on 2015-02-27 11:17:49

    GPS location: 7.901712, 98.296624

    Camera: Canon Canon EOS 60D Focal:18.00 ISO:100 Shutter:8.97

    Description: On last day of our trip to Thailand, we went to Patong Beach to take photos. Under the guidance of "Director He" and with the help of Canon camera, we spent a morning and took a set of photos in this famous beach. I doubt whether we have wasted the great sunlight, as most trourists seem enjoying shining under sun. However, we felt as if baking in the oven, so perhaps posing and photoing was our best choice.

  • In memory of Lee Kuan Yew

    Captured on 2015-03-27 05:03:51

    GPS location: 1.2893, 103.8499

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:1,196

    Description: During our exchange semester, previous Singapore premiere Lee Kuang Yew lefted us. We joined the long queue to visit his coffin in Parliament House. We heard about the news that it need wait 8 hours in the extremely long queue, we departed at 11:00pm hoping fewer people at night. However, the queue never shortened. We were quite surprised at the order and warm heart of volunteers, providing fruit, water and food at cold night. R.I.P

  • Sri Lanka Driver

    Captured on 2015-04-30 12:00:00

    GPS location: 7.275303, 80.637107

    Altitude: 500.0m

    Description: The hospitality of people in Sri Lanka was a surprise for us. This driver took us to have breakfast in his favourite restaurant and helped us choose fruit. When we ended our journey, he asked to see us off in airport. But probably, he fell in love with one of our girls...

  • Horton Plain

    Captured on 2015-05-03 08:34:00

    GPS location: 6.796626, 80.805283

    Altitude: 2,032.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:11.00

    Description: I think Horton Plain is the essence of the nature beauty in Sri Lanka. After standing in a 30Km/h train for 4 hours and bumped in car for 2 hours, we finally arrived here. With no single tourists in sight, that was the pure scenery I had not seen in life. As you can see, the index page picture is cropped from this one.

  • Merlion

    Captured on 2015-05-07 18:34:40

    GPS location: 1.286918, 103.854538

    Altitude: 28.7m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:2.93 ISO:100 Shutter:6.00

    Description: It was told in myth that Merlion was an auspicious animal first Singapore residents accidentally found. Merlion park is a must-go destination for tourists, but I did not know why, I had not been there until last days here. Goodbye Merlion, goodbye Singapore!

  • Farewell to NUS

    Captured on 2015-05-08 12:51:51

    GPS location: 1.301711, 103.770721

    Altitude: 54.0m

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:100 Shutter:11.00

    Description: I was quite surprised at the fact that this was the only place in NUS where it most probably be a school gate. The campus had no gates or walls and public buses went across the campus. I think a university should have no wall, it should be an academic shrine for scholar and a natural park for residents nearby.

  • Lizard in Labrador Nature Reserve

    Captured on 2015-05-08 16:16:11

    GPS location: 1.266148, 103.803184

    Camera: Xiaomi MiTwo Focal:3.54 ISO:200 Shutter:6.00

    Description: It startled me when I found this lizard within 3 meters. However, it had not noticed my existance, and slowly crawled away. This was taken in Labrador Nature Reserve, a place only one kilometer away from the Vivo City, a huge shopping mall in southwestern Singapore. I think that is why Singapore is called garden city.

  • First SCI paper

    Captured on 2015-07-27 20:00:00

    Description: After several obstacles and rejections, my first SCI paper accepted.

  • GRE

    Captured on 2015-08-29 15:00:00

    Description: Finally, 160+170 in GRE

  • Monthly Review

    Year 2015 is remarkable in my life.

    In January, the day after my last exam, I arrived in Singapore, a beautiful city to start my exchange semester. Life there was completely new, I suddenly fell into agony of memorizing names of new friends again. Having been adapted to busy life in 2014, the peace and comfort in Singapore was a strange experience to me.

    In February, we took part in Mathematical contest in modeling, and last day of the contest was the first time worked overnight. We were still amazed at our high efficiency and strong passion. During recess week, we travelled to Thailand. On the river of Mae Klong River, I suddenly got released from the stressful life, and enjoyed every moment of exchange semester since then. However, during the trip, the bad news came that my grandpa passed away. It never occurred to me that the farewell two months ago was the separation between life and death.

    March was the dark month. By 15th, all my 3 submitted papers were rejected. On 20th, my first GRE failed. On 23rd, previous Singapore premier Lee Kuan Yew died, by the same disease as my grandpa. And I strangely became addicted to sleep, maybe sleep is a cure to pain.

    April was exam month, but to us, travel month. We went Malacca and Sri Lanka before and after final exam, and we marveled at beautiful scenery and unique culture. Besides, I started to make my personal website and became obsessed with it.

    May meant farewell to NUS and Singapore. Despite having lived four months there, I never felt enough. Returning to Fudan, everything was familiar but strange, a very special feeling.

    In June, I discussed future plans of research with Shang, we started two new papers and resubmitted previous ones. I started caring about graduate application. In the same time, I prepared GRE again. But unfortunately, on the day I took exam, Nanjing suffered unrecorded heavy rain, my exam suffered again.

    Hardly had I come out of the shadow of GRE, I took TOEFL in July and it was a success. Since then, everything turned in favored to me. My first paper was accepted on 27th, and the following papers all went well.

    In August, I contacted Guo and started my capstone research in Biomedical Imaging. The summer vacation was spent on GRE, and a few research projects. In that period of time I became stressful again, until finally I was out of breath finding I got 160 verbal on 29th.

    September was a month of puzzle. I found loss after the tiresome GRE. Previous contact with future advisors were of little help. I was at a loss seeing so many graduate schools and doubted my ability of being admitted. I felt knocked down by biomedical imaging. The structure light project was complicated and was easy to drive me crazy.

    It came to October and I started to write my SOP, and revised and revised for many times, finding it was really hard to present a complete me to others in a thousand words. But I was certain website was a nice supplement.

    November was application month. I finally chose my final 20 schools after careful screening and comparison. The SOP and CV finally met my satisfaction, it was a strange feeling when clicking on submit button for first school.

    In December, I finally finished all online application and suddenly found the approaching final exam. I felt sick to Maoism, it was not happy days, but it was senior years :-)

    Year Remark

    I think year 2015 was high in its entropy and I grew a lot in this year.

    First of all, there were so many Firsts: going abroad, publishing a paper, achieving all A+ in exchange semester, working overnight, going to bar...

    The experience was abundant. When I left Shanghai in January, my passport was blank. When I returned, it was full of colorful stamps. Diverse culture, fantastic scenery and different people broadened my eyesight and enriched my life experience.

    I had learned life was not straightforward. In 2015, I felt up and downs, like riding on a roller coaster, but I had learned to be optimistic and tried to cultivate my patience to wait the impending success.

    After the busy 2014 and re-orienting 2015, I felt more capable of switching my life mode. I figured out I should switch to the correct mode and enjoy every moment. Relax was relax and work was work. I am trying to deal the balance between work and relax, and between ration and emotion.

    I found out I never lost passion or creativity, even under adversity or longtime relax. Soon after exchange, I worked on new projects and proposed new algorithms. And the capstone research and website enabled me to find out my adaptability to cope with various problems and courage to explore new areas.

    Life in 2015 was remarkable. I am thankful for the exchange semester, providing me with many recourses to see much in this world, and thankful for every difficulty and hardship I had met to be a better me and find out my hidden potential.