About Me

  • Life is interesting, with so many things attractive and breathtaking.

    Travel, to the highest mountain, to the deepest ocean, to the end of the world.

    Find the beauty, the wisdom and the eternal truth of man and god.

    Roads for trekking, knowledge for gaining,

    Exploration never ends.

  • Life is unpredictable, with so many up and downs.

    Strive tirelessly, heartfully, and endlessly.

    Fight for justice, peace and prosperity of all mankind.

    Challenge is unprecedented, faith is unshakable,

    I have determination.

  • Life is short, with so many todo not doable.

    Cherish, moments of laughter, moments of grief, and moments of gratitude.

    Be Energetic towards every people and every thing every day.

    Time is limited, dream is unlimited, so do it right now,

    I have motivation.

Care for world and people.    Fight for peace and prosperity.    Dream big and work hard.

I am Li Chen.

A PhD candidate in University of Washington department of Electronic and Computer Engineering.  Link: Past education timeline


  • Travel

    Find the beauty of nature and culture

  • Music

    Find the peace, balance and harmony of internal self

  • Read

    Find the attitude, wisdom and philosophy of former scholar

  • Sports

    Find the strength, willpower and limitation of body

  • Movies

    Find the touching, introspection and philosohy in the imaginable world

  • Web

    Find the intersection of Technology and Art


Li Chen's Hierarchy of skills

My top skills. Creativity, Motivation

Coding (Python/C++/Java)
Image Processing, Machine Learning
Medical Research, Computer Vision
Familiarity. Deep learning (TensorFlow/Keras/PyTorch)

Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Latex, Docker
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tongue Diagnosis, Data mining
Embedded System, Raspberry, Arduino, Android APP, Windows APP
Some experience. Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), Database (MySQL/SQlite), CMS (WordPress, Dokuwiki)

Hiking, Skiing, Running, Badminton, Cycling, Traveling, Credit cards, Saxophone,
Hobbies. Original Sound Track, Movies, Planting, Reading, Baking, Stamp collection, Star watching,

Family Background

I am fortunate to have grown up in a well-educated family. My grandfather and parents all have received good tertiary education, which is not so common in China.

My grandfather is a professor in Mechanics, who frequently teaches me the wisdom of life.

My father is a university professor in Biology. He provides me with abundant resources to research. I can clearly remember the moment when he changed color in a test tube during a visit to his lab when I was a boy, which gave me my first thrilling, stomach-churning experience to science. Those project in junior middle school was conducted under his guidance, and he taught me many basic principle in research.

My mother is a middle school Science teacher. She is kind and luminous, keeping me curious and passionate about science, encouraging me to think broadly and fearlessly but be cautiously and carefully to prove my thinking.

My family background allows me to have a glimpse of science in an early age, which forms my personality, determines my future career and benefits me a lot.

About Website

This is a personal website of Li Chen, where you can know well about me.

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